Drowning in Blue

December 24, 2005

I read a ton of blogs, when I say a ton I mean I could spend all day reading blogs and still not be 100% happy with just that much…but one thing I do notice alot…I read alot of AOL related blogs.

Really I can’t argue with it, I love AOL really. There was a time (Before working there) where people would come up to me with laptops in hand with the AOL software on the front with tears in their eyes and say “I can’t get connected”. I would turn them away and say “Sorry I don’t touch that”. Lately though I’ve thought about becoming a dedicated AOL Tech outside of work. And I would have no problem with that after all I belong to the #1 technical team within the company. However one small problem.

I’m drowning in blue…AOL is a nice place to work at, and it does a good job at being all things to all people however it can wrap you up sometimes. I noticed this reading Jason Calcanis’s weblog. Now Jason doesn’t use AOL Journals (He uses his own service) however he had a thread at one point where he linked to different AOL “peoples” blogs, and a few of them weren’t on Journals either. I noticed the posting style changing and realized that eh, perhaps? I’m becoming a little innertwined within things to see that there is a Web outside of “Welcome, You’ve Got Mail”. I noticed this also whenever I started pondering what a Web 2.0 website would do cached on our Topspeed servers.

So I think I’m going to give up on my AOL Journal. AOL is moving toward an Internet based platform with the portal and all and I can’t see trying to stay ontop of my A game with the Internet and not getting out there. I already use a few services (Flickr vs. AOL You’ve Got Pictures, and Del.icio.us vs. AOL Favorites), but things like the AOL Suite, AOL 9.0, and others tie you to the service, and these things are going to have to take a break. So I’m gonna give a few things a shot now…I’m going to stick with AIM (I don’t trust anything else) but I’m going to start using Flock vs. AOL Explorer. Mail again is something I’ll use the AOL Mail webpage for…but as for the software…not so much.

Who knows? I could wind up really liking it and being all “gun ho!” about another service…and then again I could just pack it all up and go back with what I know and feel best about at that moment. But you never learn if you don’t do. And I’m a great procrastinator…I can sit on the idea forever…so I better just get to it.


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