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Dinner and 4 Dollars

November 18, 2005

So as always I get on the bus to come home and the 8 is pretty quiet. Should be it’s 7:15 at night and nothing is going on. I do my usual routine and get off the bus at Campbell and Broadway, except today is different…I have $4.00 in my pocket!

I’m really in the mood for some food seeing I skipped lunch. Now if you know the intersection I’m talking about you know there is a Safeway, a Carl Jrs, and a Losbetos. Safeway = Food in packages, um no. Carl Jrs = Food from packages, na uh. Losbetos it is! So I walk in and get the cheapest item on the menu, a Quesadilla. Now if you’ve never eaten at Losbetos I don’t know what you’re doing reading this because you need to be there now. Now I know what you’re thinking “$4.00, WOW You can buy a soda with that”. Ladies and Gentlemen, may I introduce the great state of Arizona.

Arizona is really wonderful. It’s filled with a varying mixture of people. Now back in PA if you were a minority EVERYONE knew where you came from except there really weren’t that many. Arizona is FLOODED with different people. So we have a ton of Mexican take out places.So I wander in with my $4.00 and order my food. $2.60. Now if you’ve never had a Quesadilla I suggest you try one. Ingredients for one at Losbetos…

  1. Tortilla
  2. Cheese

They take a Tortilla about the size of a Frisbee and throw a few slices of cheese on it, fold it over, and let it “seal” together.Then when it is done they roll it up and throw it in the bag with some salsa and napkins and you’re on your way. Except today I sat down and ate mine. I never knew two ingredients would feel so good in my stomach.

So after I get done with my snack (More like dinner), I had 5 minutes to catch the bus to get home. Damn $1.20 in my pocket awesome! Medium Coke $1.09 + tax. So that puts me at $1.17 for my soda. Dinner and a drink for 4 smackers….can’t argue with that.If you’re ever in Tucson and have $4.00 do yourself a favor and grab some dinner.,-110.943418&spn=0.006191,0.007349&hl=en


Starting Over

November 18, 2005

So I deleted all the other post that were here cause they were lame, lame, lame…so I’m going to start over again.

I’ve decided that I am going to go forward with my book about riding the bus…hmmm, lets see what I should name it? How about Away from Work? Because that is really what it is about…being away from work and on the way to work. Sounds like a plan, now to get with it man.